Monday, December 14, 2009

Paidtoclick (fast paying site)

paidtoclick fast paying site

Guys this is the site with little income per day but still if you are sitting alone why not make some...!
Moreover the payout is also too low, its just $0.02.
Its really crazy huh...!
I have been paid many times. Recently received $0.62...Click the links provided under
'Payment Proof' title

So join it right now...!!!

 No of ads: 20+ daily
 Min. payout: $0.02 via Paypal 
$1.01 via Alertpay 
 Payment Proofs:proof1 proof2 proof3 proof4 
proof5 proof6 proof7 proof8 
proof9 proof10 proof11 proof12 
proof13 proof14 proof15 proof16 
proof17 proof18 proof19 proof20 
proof21 proof22 

NOTE: Some values in payment proofs have been blackened dark for security reasons.

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